You Can Have Your Turkey and Photograph It Too

29 Nov You Can Have Your Turkey and Photograph It Too

Golden deep-fried turkeys. Sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows. Brightly colored cranberry sauce. Sounds like a pretty good Thanksgiving Day spread, right? Well, it also sounds very similar to my Instagram feed all day yesterday.

As Thanksgiving and Hanukkah aligned for the first time in over a century, families gathered together and documented the occasion the digital way – with Instagram uploads of friends, family and of course, food.

Apparently it wasn’t just my Instagram feed that was overwhelmed with images yesterday, as the company announced in a blog post today that Thursday was the busiest day in the social network’s history. Holidays have a once-in-a-lifetime collision and social networks reach record numbers? If that is not a sign of our digital times – I don’t know what is.

Unlike waiting for another Thanksgiving and Hanukah to cross paths, I don’t think it will take a few thousands years for Instagram to again reach record numbers. The social network, which has only been around for 3 years, has grown immensely in that time, currently boasting over 150 million active users around the world.

While Instagram didn’t provide specifics on the number of uploads it received yesterday, this was the second year in a row that Thanksgiving set the record for number of posts. Last year, the company said more than 10 million photos related to Thanksgiving were posted and for several hours during the day photos were uploaded at a rate of more than 200 per second. With this year’s steep increase in users and added video capabilities, we can bet that last year’s numbers were easily trumped.

Did you help Instagram set their record yesterday? While I am late to the Instagram game – only having joined within the last 6 months – I couldn’t help but document a few fun moments from yesterday on the network.

Kathryn Kaplan
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