Yahoo Focuses on Mobile, PR Should Too

28 Jul Yahoo Focuses on Mobile, PR Should Too

Mobile is completely changing the way people consume information.  Today, a message needs to be clear and concise, short and to the point, and honestly, might not even require words.  It has to be easily and quickly recognized on a small screen as folks browse their mobile devices.  Mobile is changing the way marketers and advertisers think, so why not PR folks, too?

I started thinking about this last week when Yahoo acquired Flurry, one of the largest and most well-known mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising companies for an undisclosed gigantic amount of money (hundreds of millions, according to a Forbes article and many others).

Now, utilizing Flurry’s real-time data analytics, Yahoo will be able to send super targeted ads to its mobile users – 450 million unique visitors per month on mobile – in hopes of making even more money by attracting more advertisers on widely used mobile devices.

The fact that advertisers and companies like Flurry collect all of your data and stalk you with ultra-targeted ads is another whole post. What I want to focus on, is the shift in how people are consuming information and what that means for the messages we, as PR professionals, are putting out for our clients and to the press – from press releases to articles and pitches, website content to messaging…and the list goes on.  The point is, if people are getting their information from mobile, PR has  to adapt.

Although it’s not at all a scientific fact and just my opinion, I think as attention spans are decreasing, PR peeps need to be even more concise with their messages.  Articles will be shorter and more to the point, website content will be laid out differently than websites of the past and graphic use will continue to rise.  Infographics have become almost a must have – an easy, clear and streamlined way to get your point across in few words that’s easy to browse.

PR is definitely shifting to have more of a focus on creativity – video, graphics and sharp headlines mean more than ever and the lines between straight PR and marketing are definitely going to continue to blur even more than they already have.  Don’t get me wrong; many industries are still seeing a ton of value in traditional content, authored articles, whitepapers, etc.  But, I think it is important that every PR program should be taking into consideration that its audience will probably be on mobile devices and factor that into the equation.



Kate Nesbitt
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