World Cup set to be the World’s Most Social Event

30 Jun World Cup set to be the World’s Most Social Event

While the U.S. still may not necessarily be a “soccer country” in comparison to the rest of the world, we sure do love to talk about it on social media. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup currently underway (and the U.S. still alive!) the tournament is quickly becoming the biggest social media event ever.

In the first half of the World Cup alone, Facebook has already seen 1 billion posts, likes and comments – making it the most talked about event in Facebook’s history. According to Reuters, between July 12 and July 29, the soccer tournament involved 220 million people and 1 billion interactions. With two weeks still left to go, the tournament is set to break even more records as the biggest social media event to date.

The first week of the World Cup saw more interactions on Facebook than the Super Bowl, the Sochi Winter Olympics and the Academy Awards combined. It helps that like Facebook and Twitter, the World Cup is global – so unlike the Super Bowl or Academy Awards, the World Cup is seeing interaction from all corners of the globe and not limited primarily to the United States.

To encourage interaction, Facebook and Twitter have launched soccer-related tools. Twitter is making it easy for users choose their favorite nation’s flag as their avatar and also has created dedicated #WorldCup Feed featuring tweets from selected clubs, media and players. It has also added ‘hashflags’ that allow a user to tweet the hashtag for a World Cup team (#USA) and the nation’s flag will appear as an image beside it. Facebook has created a one-stop home for the tournament through Trending World Cup, which shows top posts, and friends’ updates.

The World Cup social bandwagon hasn’t been limited to Facebook and Twitter either – all platforms are trying to jump in on the action. Pinterest actually launched an innovative campaign – partnering with sports, travel and entertainment aficionados to create a definitive guide of where to watch the World Cup worldwide. Through Pin Places, users can find places to go out and watch matches in their communities. Each venue that has been selected received a window sticker from Pinterest to identifying that they were selected by Pinterest as a place to watch the World Cup.

While the world has a whole has contributed to the huge influx in social posts, the United States has definitely done their fair share of social media engagement when it comes to the event. In fact, the U.S. vs. Ghana game garnered 3.1 million Tweets viewed by an audience of 11.2 million. And I would bet with the knock out round tomorrow, those numbers are sure to be surpassed.

Want to see how the social media numbers stack up when it comes to U.S. usage of Twitter during the games? Check out this infographic from courtesy of the Neilsen Company as seen on Forbes.


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