What’s New With YouTube

25 Jul What’s New With YouTube

In recent months, YouTube has made a series of interesting enhancements that will help both experienced and novice video content creators.

Yesterday, YouTube announced embeddable subscribe buttons.  Now fans of a company’s videos can easily subscribe to its YouTube channel from the company’s Website.  (Previously, this could only be done on YouTube.)  Note: companies aren’t allowed to incentivize users to subscribe to their site.

This move may help bolster YouTube’s fledgling paid channel program announced in May.  There are currently 60 paid channels on the platform, including everything from Sesame Street and National Geographic Kids programming to sports and fitness programming from the likes of the PGA Digital Golf Academy and TNA Wrestling.  Monthly fees range from $0.99 to about $5.00 with some discounts for annual subscriptions. If successful, this will open up a new revenue stream for YouTube and creators of quality content.

YouTube has also been beefing up their dashboard and analytics.

In May, YouTube rolled out the new Trends Map, which illustrates the most popular videos by major metro area across the country. The map is also customizable by gender and age group.  (At the moment, Whales Almost Eat Divers has a significant edge over the Pony West Coast Shetland World Series Amazing Catch.)


And last but not least, YouTube has upgraded its reporting so that the prolific content creator can view analytics for their top 200 videos.  As more and more brands commit to video marketing, this will be increasingly useful.  In fact, Pixability recently released a report outlining that the top 100 brands increased their monthly YouTube video production by more than 50 percent (from 4,760 to 7,175 new videos per month).


So what does that mean for the average marketer?  Feel free to experiment with video.  As YouTube continues to beef up its dashboard, analytics and video promotion tools, it can be a powerful tool to educate prospects, build engagement and drive SEO.  For the more experienced video content creator, it’s great to see that YouTube is offering new tools to make the site even more robust.

– Katie Hanusik

Katie Hanusik
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