VoCision: The Merger of Two Well-Known PR Tools

10 Jun VoCision: The Merger of Two Well-Known PR Tools

Back in April, Chicago-based equity firm GTCR announced it had acquired Vocus, along with 71.9% of Cision.  If you’re in the PR field, there’s a really big chance you use one of these tools within your company or agency, so I’m sure many of you paid attention to this news.

But, an even bigger announcement was made last week that solidified what most of us may have been already assuming:  The company has plans to merge the two marketing and public relations software tools to become the ultimate public relations resource and beat out competitor Meltwater. 

Our firm actually just moved back to Vocus from Meltwater and has used Cision in the past as well. With all this switching around we’ve found that Vocus had the best interface and ease of use for our purposes.  So, should we be concerned about the merger?  There are a few things I’d like to point out to Cision chief Peter Granat, now CEO of “VoCision” (this is not the actual new company name and has been made up for fun), keep in mind as he builds out the new company.

1. As with most agencies, we are incredibly busy and usually feel strapped for time. Any extra time we have is dedicated straight to our clients. So, when the switch happens, please make it easy.  We primarily use Vocus for media list building (we use HubSpot for content and marketing), so it has to be intuitive.  It shouldn’t be hard for us to figure out how to search and find what we’re looking for, get it into a list and export it.  Vocus already does a good job of this, so please don’t change it.  I want to be able to log in to the system and move full steam ahead.

2. Next, I think this merger provides the opportunity for improvement. So, can we please, please improve search capabilities and quality of content?  We pay a good amount of money for your tool.  And, although I have no problem double-checking, it would be great if I could put more trust in the accuracy of your media contact data.

3. Additionally, how about the inclusion of articles written by the reporters we’re searching?  ITDatabase is great for this. However, it only covers the tech industry. Although most of our clients fit into tech and we can get a ton of information from this tool, we still need to reach other verticals.  With such a mass of generic data and reporters at publications, it would be nice to have a way to really tell if they’ll be relevant for the specific client or pitch we’re building lists for.

Unfortunately, until plans are revealed we can only speculate about where VoCision will go.  Although it wouldn’t provide the greatest benefit to us, I fear it will take the marketing automation route and claim to be an all-in-one solution for marketing, PR and social media management needs.  But, I guess we’ll all be waiting around to see.  Stay tuned!



Kate Nesbitt
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