Using Social Media to Fight Breast Cancer

14 Oct Using Social Media to Fight Breast Cancer

October is the month of pink. From the hot pink accessories on NFL players to iconic pink ribbons incorporated in logos, the October trend amongst organizations seems to be designing unique campaigns to support breast cancer awareness.

In recent years, the incorporation of social media in Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns has generated knowledge and participation by those who may not have been affected by traditional campaigns. Here are a few examples of companies in different industries that are using social media to promote awareness and action to fight breast cancer.


Estee Lauder

On October 1st Estee Lauder launched a website as the centerpiece of their 2013 BCA Campaign: Let’s Defeat Breast Cancer. We’re Stronger Together. The site encourages visitors to produce a “Circle of Strength,” which is a platform for friends and family to rally around any action that advances the fight against breast cancer.

Circle creators can use Facebook and Twitter to tag friends and encourage preventative, proactive and educational measures to beat breast cancer. Circle of Strength members can also use the hashtag #BCAstrength and handle @BCAcampaign to upload photos and share.

In addition to creating Circles of Strength, Estee Lauder encourages supporters to share their campaign video and to create and share videos of their own using #BCAstrength.


General Electric  

In 1999 General Electric developed the first digital mammogram system. Since then, they have spent millions developing full-field mammogram technology.

In an effort to engage those affected by breast cancer, GE created Breast Cancer Mosaic, a platform to share stories and experiences in the healthcare blogosphere. On the site, GE will host hour-long video streaming sessions with a parallel “tweet-up” using the hashtag #BCMTalks. The goal of each session is to empower those affected by breast cancer to contribute to the knowledge base of users worldwide.


Sunbelt Bakery

Sunbelt Bakery, a granola and grain company, launched a social media campaign this month to raise funds towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation in support of early detection and free mammograms.

The bakery announced that they would donate $1 for every new Facebook like and new follower on Twitter during the month of October, up to $50,000. After four years of traditional campaigns, this is the first year Sunbelt Bakery will use social media as a tactic to fundraise for the NBCAF.


Using social media as a tool to spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness has created more dynamic and engaging campaigns.

Have you noticed any brands going above and beyond in their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns? Tell us about them!

Sally McHugh
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