Trends and Analytics: Digital Marketing in 2014

24 Apr Trends and Analytics: Digital Marketing in 2014

The last session of the day is one I’ve really been looking forward to, “Trends and Analytics: Digital Marketing in 2014” with Sarah Hudgins, Director of Public Policy at the Interactive Agency Bureau (IAB). I’m always interested to see what influencers in the industry are forecasting as the next big thing, and this session was full of great insights and analytics.

Here are some stats and highlights from Sarah Hudgins’s presentation:

  • IAB represents 600+ leading media companies that are responsible for selling 89% of US online advertising, at the center of the digital media universe
  • In 2013 the Internet overtook cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, etc., in terms of advertising revenue with over $42 billion
  • IAB is still trying to figure out a unique and interesting way to carry ads through to mobile
  • More than 50% of US consumers have a smart phone and from 2012-2014 tablet use has more than doubled
  • 77% of the time we’re watching TV we’re also using a tablet or smart phone
  • We need to stop thinking about mobile as a smaller version of the web, we need to think about it as a behavior and what the customer is doing when they’re using that device
  • Video is one of the fastest growing segments of the digital advertising industry
  • 6% of all video streaming in 2013 was advertising and that number is growing rapidly
  • Native ads are paid ads that are so cohesive with your page that viewers simply feel it belongs there and don’t recognize it as an intrusive ad
  • AWESOME Programmatic ads definition: Bringing Moneyball logistics to Mad Men business. It is one of the fastest growing spaces, possibly up to $14.4 billion by 2017
  • First party behavioral data is the most fundamental data type to support programmatic approaches
  • Measurement is a five step process: Define impression, establish audience currency, standard, classification of ad units, brand ad performance metrics, and finally brand attitudinal measures
  • An ad doesn’t matter if no one is there to see it. Viewability is invaluable

Thanks so much to all the speakers and attendees at MAM Summit today! We really enjoyed all of the sessions and appreciated all of your great questions!


Sally McHugh
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