Top 5 SpeakerBox blog posts from 2014

08 Jan Top 5 SpeakerBox blog posts from 2014

2014 was quite a year for our little blog… As we look to the future and revamp our style a little, I couldn’t help taking a look back at the five most read posts to see what’s resonating with our dutiful readers.

Frozen Fractals All Around: What a Popular Movie Can Teach Us About Word-of-mouth Marketing

In this post, Pete explains how word-of-mouth marketing is responsible for the song playing on repeat in your head now.

Why It Takes 5 Days to Get an iTunes Receipt

Jonathan is annoyed…again… this time at how decoupling – the act of separating the purchase and receipt of goods from the acknowledgement of payment – is changing the way we spend money.

SxSW Parties, Panels and More: The DC Guide

Lisa got to party in Austin in 2014, but before she left she wrapped up all of the events to help techies from D.C. stay connected to our hometown while in Texas.

Congratulations MindShare Graduates of 2013! Recap of the Year

It was an exciting year for the 17th class of MindShare. In this post (from all the way back in January of 2014), Elizabeth recaps some of the exciting events that took place and gives a nod to the four award winners before teasing the announcement of the members of the 18th class.

Direction for the New Cision/Vocus Merger Revealed

Kate not only covered the merger of the arguably two most used tools in the PR industry, but also offered up her advice on establishing a new direction for the new company.

Cheers guys! Thanks for the interesting topics and great content. Can’t wait to see who has the most read blog posts for 2015!

Ali Robinson
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