Top 25 Government CIOs

15 Oct Top 25 Government CIOs

Recently, I was doing some research on government CIOs and came across this list of the top 25 government CIOs from InformationWeek. The publication put together a list of what they deem the 25 most influential and accomplished tech leaders across federal, state and local government agencies and departments for 2013. The list includes some names that I’ve heard thrown around often, such as federal CIO Steven VanRoekel and DoD CIO Teri Takai, as well as some names that are not as recognizable as they should be. These men and women have taken Congressman Issa’s challenge of cutting spending, centralizing IT and reducing redundancies very seriously. They’ve made great changes within their respective agencies and deserve the recognition they’ve been afforded.

The article in InformationWeek written by Wyatt Kash can be seen here, and it takes a deeper look at the work these folks have done. I’ve copied the full list below and shared links to the folks on Twitter where I could. Unfortunately, some of these Twitter accounts are going unmanned at the moment due to the shutdown, but they’ll be back working again once the government is.

Take a look at the whole article if you have a chance. Even though it’s from May it’s still really interesting to see what each of these folks are doing to make advances in IT for their respective agencies.

Lonny Anderson, CIO, National Security Agency

Frank Baitman, CIO, Health and Human Services

Lt. Gen. Michael Basla, CIO, Air Force

Robert Brese, CIO, Department of Energy

Adrian Gardner, CIO, NASA Goddard

Brett Goldstein, CIO, City of Chicago – left to teach at the University of Chicago at the end of May

Margie Graves, Acting CIO, Department of Homeland Security

Terry Halvorsen, CIO, U.S. Navy

Richard Holgate, CIO, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Malcolm Jackson, Assistant Administrator and CIO, Environmental Protection Agency

Joe Klimavicz, CIO, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, CIO, Department of Justice – retired in October 2013

Rahul Merchant, CIO and Chief Innovation Officer, New York City

Terry Milholland, CTO, Internal Revenue Service

Bill Oates, CIO, City of Boston

Todd Park, Federal CTO, Whitehouse OSTP

Jerome Pender, CIO, FBI

Sasi Pillay, CTO for IT, NASA

Karen Robinson, CIO, State of Texas

Grant Schneider, CIO, Defense Intelligence Agency

Teri Takai, CIO, Department of Defense

Al Tarasiuk, CIO, U.S. Intelligence Community

Jeanne Tisinger, CIO, CIA

Steven VanRoekel, Federal CIO, Office of Management and Budget

I’m especially drawn to Todd Park’s story. He has turned to the private sector for innovation and created White House sponsored “datapaloozas” where entrepreneurs are invited to turn open government data into commercial products. Now, he’s expanding these datapaloozas outside of White House data to energy, public safety and education data. He has also instituted Presidential Innovation Fellows where people outside of the government are invited to work on White House projects for a six month time period. Both of these initiatives really foster creativity and collaboration, in my eyes, and by looking to entrepreneurs, who sometimes have no choice but to do more with less, government officials may get a new perspective.

Ali Robinson
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