Time to pay your dining bill? There’s an app for that.

14 Mar Time to pay your dining bill? There’s an app for that.

Anyone who knows me knows that hands down my favorite thing in the world is food. I’m not picky either – I love all food from KFC to Komi.

That said I am always interested in the latest technology that allows me to enjoy my favorite foods more conveniently. New York City-based startup Cover, has created a new dining app that is a rather simple idea and at first thought, possibly even unnecessary – it automatically pays for your bill.

The app, which is currently in use at select restaurants in New York City, makes paying for your meals easy when dining out. You don’t even need to look at the bill. Instead Cover is designed to allow one-click, instant payments. Users simply “join a table” in the app at the start of a meal, and when it’s time for them to pay the final bill, it’s immediately charged to their credit card. For groups, the app allows users to check in and choose which members of the party they’ll be paying for. If someone does not have the app though, they’ll still be able to pay for their share with cash or credit card.

A first glance, I wasn’t sure if this app was worth giving a second thought. I am rarely in that much of a rush that I mind waiting for a server to give me a bill and then take my payment. However, the more I contemplated the idea I saw the potential for the app in my life.

I held off for a while when it came to taxi-hailing apps.  I live in an area that is relatively well trafficked with cabs, so I couldn’t completely grasp how this app would help me. Especially since DC cabs now need to be credit card friendly so I wouldn’t even need to have cash on me. However upon downloading a taxi-hailing app, I became hooked. I don’t know how I lived my life without it. Knowing exactly when my cab will show up and not having to worry about deciding on an amount to tip has honestly made my life more convenient.

Cover, I have a feeling, will provide me with the same level of convenience. While I may not necessarily need to use it, apps aren’t about need. They are about making everyday life activities easier. The app doesn’t replace paying with a credit card with paying on your phone. It actually removes the payment step all together. After the meal is finished, diners can simply get up and leave. No fuss, no muss – just a better experience when paying.

Granted, the app isn’t available in D.C., and there is the fear that without seeing an actual bill, it will seem much too much like monopoly money. However given the convenience that I have seen taxi-apps bring to my life, there is no way I would not download when I have the chance to use it.

Kathryn Kaplan
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