This Was 2014’s Top B2B Marketing Secret…

05 Dec This Was 2014’s Top B2B Marketing Secret…


I’m now going to spoil the movie Fight Club for you. (Yep, you had a full 14 years to see it, so this one’s on you.)

At the end of Fight Club, we learn our two protagonists — glamorous, carefree Brad Pitt and frumpy, neurotic Edward Norton — were the same person all along.

Cool, right? It reminds me a lot of advertising and PR and social media and direct mail and digital marketing and guerrilla marketing and cardboard signs and poorly xeroxed Communist newsletters and every other marcom tactic in the known universe.

It’s all the same Pitt.

And when you stop needlessly dividing marketing components into silos, you start to save money and time, and the world is more colorful and smells nicer, and jeans fit you better.

It’s easier than you think…


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