Thirteen Tips to Maximize Your Presence on LinkedIn

27 Jun Thirteen Tips to Maximize Your Presence on LinkedIn

At the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, I was able to get an update on LinkedIn from Dan Horowitz, LinkedIn’s Director of Advocacy and Campaigns. I’ve heard him speak before, but his presentation is always very insightful and a great reminder of everything you should be doing on LinkedIn.

We’ll start with Dan’s suggestions for updating your LinkedIn profile, but we’ll also cover publishing, promoting content, analytics and marketing.

  1. Update your headline, but don’t just write your title. Instead, answer two questions: Whom do you help and how do you help them? Use a mini value proposition packed with verbs and other active language. Pro Tip: Google loves LinkedIn headlines.
  2. Make sure you have a current, hi-res photo. Profiles with pictures elicit a 40 percent InMail response rate. Strive for professional but not stiff; use LinkedIn’s new filters if needed.
  3. Add your work contact information. Don’t be afraid to share your contact info with your network; you want these people to reach out.
  4. Customize your LinkedIn URL with your name, rather than the default collection of letters and numbers.
  5. Update your summary using the “3×3 model” – three paragraphs with three or fewer sentences each. Include keywords that your ideal contacts might use in a search. Reiterate your purpose and call to action.
  6. Add two to four pieces of content (with images) to your profile in the Publications section. Note: Google also loves the content and experience sections of your profile. Use keywords where possible.
  7. Humanize your profile: In the experience section, describe your accomplishments, honors, publications, education, and volunteer history. Pro Tip: When you update your profile, change the toggle switch to red, so your network isn’t notified of every change.
  8. Make it a goal to update your LinkedIn profile at least once a quarter. Keeping things fresh will ensure that you’re always putting forward the most accurate and up-to-date information about yourself at any given time.
  9. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform. LinkedIn members currently post 160,000 long-form posts per week. Once you start posting, you automatically get a follow button (for people that don’t know you but want to be notified of your posts). Anyone can be influential on LinkedIn. If your long-form post gets lots of likes, the editors at LinkedIn will get an alert about your content. If editors read it and like it – they could tag it as trending on LinkedIn, which will generate even more likes.

What makes for great content on LinkedIn? Dan offers these five suggestions:

  • Make it about what you know
  • Challenge widely held beliefs
  • Follow breaking news
  • Share your passions
  • Take a boutique approach – it’s OK to offer niche commentary


  1. Test LinkedIn advertising by promoting content. Only individuals can post long-form content; companies can only post short-form company updates. They can, however, promote posts written by individuals.
  2. Cross-post your LinkedIn content on Medium. Many contributors post the same post on LinkedIn and Medium (and say it was originally posted on Medium) or post a short post on LinkedIn and point to the Medium article.
  3. Use LinkedIn’s free analytics for long-form posts. Though LinkedIn is still improving this feature, it can provide some useful insight. You can never see who viewed, just those who liked, commented or shared. Note that you can’t retarget those who viewed your article.
  4. And finally, market to who matters. LinkedIn offers a bunch of advertising/marketing options that can be managed on a self-serve basis. Dan freely admitted that the campaign manager is a bit harder than that of Facebook, but it is getting easier. LinkedIn’s recent innovations include One Click Lead Gen Forms, so members no longer have to fill out registration forms and a new API with Hubspot.

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional network with more than two new members signing up every second. This summer, take some time to experiment with all LinkedIn has to offer. For more information be sure to check out Dan’s presentation, LinkedIn’s Executive Playbook and some other useful information here.

– Katie

Katie Hanusik
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