The Visual Social Media Takeover

15 Dec The Visual Social Media Takeover

I’m a visual person. If you’re like me, all of the articles in the world won’t add up to one captivating picture that sums up a message.

Over the past several years social media has started to play a major role in brand strategies and slowly but surely, new fads are adopted across industries. Lately, the trend to beat is the incorporation of visual elements in social media strategies.

How do we know?

  • Photos and images on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post.
  • Pinterest is the 4th largest driver of traffic worldwide.
  • Last year Instagram passed Twitter for daily active mobile users with over 7 million.
  • YouTube surpassed 4 million daily video views

New visual elements are taking over social media and brands across the board are finding ways to capitalize on the opportunities the new tools present. Here are some simple tips for getting your brand engaged:

1) Find ways to incorporate visuals in your Facebook posts:

As sad as it is, no one has the attention span to read the novella you want to post about the importance of your latest corporate announcement. If viewers have to click “read more,” you’ve already lost them. Instead add a graphic with a short description and a link to a blog or press release.

2) Create a company Instagram:

According to a study by Simply Measured, 55% more brands are using Instagram than a year ago and 70% of the top brands are collectively creating more posts than they did last year. Instagram is the fastest growing social network and brand engagement via the photo-sharing app has grown by 350% year over year. The point is this, Instagram is an incredible asset for visual content and you don’t want to be among the last adopters.

3) Don’t write off Pinterest:

Pinterest isn’t just for retail marketing anymore. As a B2B company there is a lot you can do to humanize your brand through visual content. Being able to share industry news, showcase your corporate lifestyle, and tell the story that you want clients and leads to see can be a great creative tool. If you need some inspiration check out these B2B pages.

Take a look at the graphic below for more information about visual social media:


Sally McHugh
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