The New State of PR: Statelessness

31 Oct The New State of PR: Statelessness

Public relations has long been looked at as a world of suits, handshakes, martinis and Blackberries (or iPhones, whatever floats your boat), perhaps a more modern sibling of AMC’s Mad Men.  This image, however, is nothing more than that – public relations, especially when technology is involved, is fueled by email, laptops and Skype.  I can’t remember the last time I had a martini (more of a bourbon man, myself) and I wear a suit probably once a quarter.

While conversations and relationships remain key to the practice, more often than not, they have their basis in the digital world, rather than at a conference or cocktail party.  The digitalization of public relations means that what once required an office with a desktop computer, phone, fax and copy machine can now be achieved from a single laptop (and in some cases, a well-equipped smartphone).

Which brings me to my point:  Public relations is now stateless.  It doesn’t matter where your office is or what geography your clients occupy because public relations skills are honed across the digital plane, making location a thing of the past.

What does this mean for clients and coworkers?  Practically nothing, which is the beauty of the new PR landscape.  The vast majority of our work is conducted via the phone, instant messenger and email, meaning that no balls will be dropped regardless of location –phone, messages and everything else required transitions with a cloud-enabled laptop.

DC Metro businesses love to talk about “telecommuting” this and “work from home” that, but when it comes to brass tacks, most managers only care about butts in seats at an office, just so it looks like work is being done (it’s not).SpeakerBox has embraced the new image of stateless public relations with three of our employees telecommuting, breaking the mold of just lip service to remote working to actually encouraging a stateless mentality – to the betterment of clients and the business as a whole.

John Terrill

John Terrill
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