The Case for Public Sector Teleworking

27 Feb The Case for Public Sector Teleworking

Unlike the private sector – which has increased its productivity by more than 50 percent in the last 25 years – the public sector has actually decreased its productivity. So what is to credit for the private sector’s drastic increase? They point primarily towards using technology to invent better and more efficient processes.

While the government has been able to adopt similar technology in some cases, their inability to capitalize on new technologies in the way the private sector has often holds them back in terms of productivity. Mobile technology in particular can transform the way business is done – and the speed to which business is done. In fact, according to Deloitte, if mobile adoption rates in the public sector doubled to 70 percent, additional value generated in terms of productivity could exceed $50 billion annually.

The below infographic from Government Technology showcases the amount of both time and money that the public sector could save if it’s employees teleworked just half of the time. Not only are the time and money savings significant – but according to the study, $136 million would also be saved in accident costs each year!

While I definitely think there are benefits to coming into the office at least a few days a week – these stats really plead the case for public sector telework. And speaking from experience, one less day a week of fighting DC traffic definitely improves my productivity.

Are you able to telework for your job, or does your company side with the Yahoo’s of the world?


Kathryn Kaplan
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