The Best Way to Deal With a Crisis? Head On

15 Apr The Best Way to Deal With a Crisis? Head On

Try as we might to avoid them, public relations crises are bound to happen. Whether the cause is an employee accidentally tweeting something controversial from the brand handle rather than their personal handle, or an unhappy customer who takes to social media to plead their side of a story. Regardless of the crises, in most cases the actually problem is not the biggest concern – these issues can be easily looked past or quickly forgotten – as long as the company handles it correctly.

Choosing to address or ignore the issue greatly affects how much it is talked about and essentially – how it affects your company’s bottom line. While it’s tempting to sweep it under the rug and hope no one remembers, with today’s 24-7 media access, there is no doubt that is your worst option. And the longer a company waits to address an issue, the bigger the firestorm it becomes.

Social media monitoring service SDL put together the below infographic to highlight how different companies have dealt with crises – and which of those companies have come out on top despite the situation.

The infographic looks at Nestle, Dominos and United Airlines and how long it took for each of the companies to bounce back on social media after negative backlash from an incident. The company to come out on top? Dominos – which comes as no surprise based on how they handled the situation. After two rogue employees posted a YouTube video violating heath codes that went viral, the company almost immediately posted a public apology, fired the employees and pressed charges against them. Dominos took a stand letting the public know that they were taking charge of the situation, and it worked to their favor, with the social media sentiment towards the company quickly recovering.

While it takes guts to own up to a mistake and publically apologize – its clear that in the long wrong that’s the method that works out the best for brands.


Kathryn Kaplan
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