The Art of Getting Retweets

30 Jun The Art of Getting Retweets

Sure, getting your brand’s content and information out to the masses via Twitter is important, but even more important is getting people to actually engage with that content. Whether you do that through retweets or responses, the more your brand’s followers engage with you, the more people overall will be viewing your content. Retweets in particular can expose your content to entirely new audiences.

But beyond making your actual content more compelling – are there any tricks for getting more retweets? QuickSprout put together an infographic outlining some basic stats for helping your content receive more retweets.

One of the top pieces of advice – keep your tweets between 70 and 100 characters. That allows room for people to not only retweet, but also include a short opinion or message of their own. Also, including “Please Retweet” in your message has a 51% retweet rate. While I personally have always found that a bit obnoxious (seems too much like something you’d find in a chain letter), it apparently works.

The infographic also shows a correlation between the time of day your tweet is posted and the number of retweets you receive. The sweet spot is between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. I question the validity of this stat, only because Twitter is global – so which time zone are we referring to? (I assume it is the time zone in which the majority of your followers are based.)

Any other tips for getting retweets? Post them in the comments.


Kathryn Kaplan
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