The 5 Things SpeakerBoxers Care About

16 Jul The 5 Things SpeakerBoxers Care About

At some point during the first two-thirds of an NFL season, each team gets an extra week off for rest and preparation.

They call it the “bye-week”

Supposedly, Bill Belichick likes to use this time for self-scouting, which basically means scrutinizing his own team’s tendencies and mining that data for insights.


“This is interesting, Bill. The data shows that Hernandez does most of his killings between weeks 2 and 6.”

I was thinking about this yesterday as I read through some of the stats from our agency’s own CMS dashboard. (For the uninitiated, that means Content Management System.)

Personally, we use Hubspot. And I like to mention Hubspot in my posts because every time I do mention Hubspot, Hubspot sends me a check for 50 Spot Bucks, which are units of Hubspot currency that can be used at Hubspot to collect Hubspot-themed merchandise. (Total value of the previous sentence: 350 Spot Bucks. Ka-ching!)

If you’re not using a CMS for your Web content, you really should be. But that’s a topic for another webcast, namely this one:

Instead, I want to use this post to reveal the top 5 things that SpeakerBoxers care about, as evidenced by several years of company blogging and keyword tagging.

Drum roll, please.

At #5 (with 90 total blog tags) — Marketing

Take that, people who still think of us as just a PR firm. 

At #4 (with 94 tags) — PR Industry

When things happen in our industry, we pay attention.

At #3 (with 98 tags) — PR Strategy

The only PR element we care more about than the industry itself? The strategy. And frankly, that makes pretty good sense.

At #2 (with 133 tags) — Events

SpeakerBoxers like going to things, mostly when there’s breakfast.

And finally, at #1 (with an astounding 236 tags) — Social Media.

Wowzers! It seems we are, collectively, obsessed with social media. Like… Kathryn food obsessed!

Now some of this is likely due to the fact that social media is always changing. In fact, the whole landscape of social media can turn on its head in just the time it takes for MySpace to clean out their fridge for the open house.

Another explanation is that we’re a digital communications agency specializing in technology. And social media is driven by… you guessed it… Vanity. I mean technology!

But I’ve got a third explanation that might very well be the most accurate: Social Media exists to perpetuate itself.

See, social media is kind of like Skynet, the misanthropic computer system from the Terminator movies. Once you get it online, it just starts replicating and proliferating until everything on the Internet is a self-referencing link.


“Finally killed John Conner. I should tweet about that.”

Now the good part about this is that you can get information fast.

The bad part is, what we’re mainly getting information about is social media.

So that’s your million-dollar take-away, courtesy of a blog post on blogging.

You won’t win any Lombardi trophies with that insight, but at least we don’t have to play the Steelers this week.

Jonathan Katz
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