TandemNSI Cyber Security and Data Analytics Event Recap

15 May TandemNSI Cyber Security and Data Analytics Event Recap

Last night, TandemNSI hosted its 3rd #PitchNSI competition at Virginia Tech’s facilities in Arlington. Each event focuses on a different section of government agency technology, and this event’s featured topics were cyber security and data analytics, with a particular focus on predictive analysis, mobile security and the Internet of Things

The candidates were startups and growing technology companies interested in making connections with national security agencies.

The night started off with an hour of networking between companies with tabletop displays. Each company educated attendees about their technologies and how they intend to forge partnerships with national security agencies.

Jonathan Aberman, co-founder of TandemNSI; Dan Dooney, chief innovation officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); John Hanna, director with In-Q-Tel, the nonprofit strategic investment firm; and Frank Pound, program manager at DARPA, moderated and judged the company pitches.

The last hour of the event was saved for the pitches—three minutes each with two minutes for judges’ questions. Here were the companies:

3 Round Stones, Inc. – 3 Round Stones provides Callimachus Enterprise, the leading platform for combining complex data. The company has been on the forefront of scalable data platforms that allow information to be read by humans and processed by machines. Its products are used by professionals working in life science research and health care delivery to eliminate data silos and make information available for new insights, new perspectives, and new conclusions.

Anatrope, Inc. – Anatrope has developed sensors and a business intelligence platform that identifies unique signals emanating from vehicles for use in location-based marketing, perimeter security, and fleet management.

FlockDataFlockData – FlockData provides an open-source information management and data integration platform, with a multi-mode data store. In short, it helps companies manage information in ways like building a business graph (think Facebook’s social graph, Google’s knowledge graph, Twitter’s interest graph) and leveraging these for organizational intelligence and decision-making.

Illuminate – Combines expertise in cyber threat analysis and net defense with enterprise software development to provide commercially developed and supported Web-based software that addresses fundamental issues within cyber security. Conceived by experienced threat analysts, Illuminate is the first platform that solves the issues surrounding the creation and management of effective rules to detect and prevent malicious cyber activity.

Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. – KBSI is a dynamic analysis, modeling, and systems/software development company which transitions innovative research and technology into cutting-edge solutions and software for government and commercial clients worldwide. Specializing in business process redesign, corporate integration, software and services resource and production, optimization planning, data mining, analytics, algorithm development, discrete event simulation, neural and Bayesian network-based solutions, information modeling and development, semantic search, and ontology development, KBSI has established a reputation for improving customers’ bottom lines and producing state-of-the-art commercial products and solutions.

Krypteia LLC – Krypteia LLC obtains online data without being detected. It specializes in applying Virtual Tradecraft to exploit the social media, Deep Web, and Dark Web domains. Its techniques are the online analogs of traditional street tradecraft and do not rely on technology for security.

PFP Cybersecurity – PFP Cybersecurity solves the detection gap problem – only 50% of known malware are detected at any one time, and the average detection time is 229 days. PFP next-generation endpoint security detects anomalies by using power analysis on AC, DC and EMI. It is effective for detecting both hardware and software threats, including malware, BIOS attacks, firmware attacks, hardware Trojans, and counterfeits. PFP addresses supply chain and configuration management, cloud infrastructure, internet-of-things, and critical infrastructure.

Relevant Security Corp. – Real Privacy Management (RPM) from Relevant Security Corp. was specifically designed as a lightweight cryptographic system that is operationally efficient for the embedded systems marketplace. Examples include FPGA, ASIC, SoC, IC, and device applications that define today’s market for the Internet of Things. RPM is small enough, fast enough and efficient enough to allow for the continuous mutual authentication and security of all transactions on any device, on any network.

Skai, Inc.Skai, Inc. – Skai, Inc. has developed object orientation for Hadoop. Skai was founded with the backing of an MIT faculty member. Applications of Skai included data fusion, data virtualization, and real-time synchronization.

Sqrrl – Sqrrl is a big data analytics company that lets organizations pinpoint and react to unusual activity by uncovering hidden connections in their data. Sqrrl’s linked data analysis platform gives analysts a way to visually investigate these connections, allowing users to rapidly understand their surrounding context and take action. With Sqrrl’s cyber security solution, users can detect and respond to advanced data breaches associated with cyber-espionage activity, insider threats, and other types of hard-to-detect attacks. At the core of Sqrrl’s architecture are a variety of big data technologies, including Hadoop, link analysis, machine learning, Data-Centric Security, and advanced visualization.

Interested in learning more about TandemNSI? Make sure to check out its website for upcoming free events.


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