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15 Dec Thought Leadership Requires a Bold Stance

Every year, thousands of companies approach a PR agency saying something along the lines of “we want to be a thought leader.” And, most agencies will promise to make you or your company known as a thought leader. While good agencies certainly will help raise...

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15 Sep Mastering the Press Release Quote

As I discussed in an earlier post about being a better media resource, almost 90% of journalists have referenced, viewed or sourced information from a press release in the past week.  Reporters are skimming press releases to find breaking news, supporting facts and quotable sources...

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13 Jun How to Make an Enterprise IT Keynote “Sexy”

Currently, I am embedded with Red Hat’s communications team, helping support the company’s annual user and partner conference: Red Hat Summit.  Beyond being the absolute leader in the open source world, Red Hat also runs an incredibly effective program when it comes to interacting with...

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