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25 Jun The Nasty Effect

These shows aren't optional, you cavalier bastards! Old stories never die; they just fade away into obscurity. Or maybe it's more like that infamous NBC ad campaign promoting Must-See TV re-runs in the 90s. ("If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" -- remember that?) Typewriters:...

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05 Feb The Separation of Church and State Farm

"Silly rabbit, tricks are for Internet publishing moguls." In January, I stumbled upon the secret to Google search advertising: "Google Adwords,” I wrote, “are successful because of a trick; most people don't realize they're just ads designed to look like real Google search results. Google wants display...

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25 May Everything Is Dead

So, we’ve all heard it before… the press release is dead. Guess what? It’s really not – we use it all the time. While how it’s used has changed, it’s certainly still used – often. It seems that for the past few years, experts have been very quick...

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