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In B2B and B2G marketing presentations, we try to deliver every message in our playbook and make all possible arguments for our solution. We never want to talk about our company, product or service without including a plethora of differentiators. This happens when we talk...

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05 Nov Tylenol Goes Full-Eddie-Haskell

"Our crappy medicine is unworthy of your glorious mouth." I was watching CNN on Sunday. I'm not proud of it. Often you can tell something about a network's demographics by the ads they run. CNN was running -- and I'm not making this up -- ads...

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09 Jan New Year’s Resolution: Focus On PR Messaging

Think about all of those New Year’s resolutions you’re now in the process of breaking:  lose weight, save more money for retirement, save yourself some heartbreak by rooting for a sports team that’s not based in the Washington, D.C. area.  Now, think about what it...

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