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24 Jul Free Hamburgers!

"Today is the day we stop running." Let's play a game. Imagine for a second that your favorite hamburger restaurant just started giving away free hamburgers. Not as a special offer. Not as a frequent-customer reward. Just free hamburgers. All day, all the time. Win! You'd be pumped, right?...

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24 Apr Trends and Analytics: Digital Marketing in 2014

The last session of the day is one I’ve really been looking forward to, “Trends and Analytics: Digital Marketing in 2014” with Sarah Hudgins, Director of Public Policy at the Interactive Agency Bureau (IAB). I’m always interested to see what influencers in the industry are forecasting...

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29 Mar Public Relations Then and Now

While my coworkers (cough, Jonathan, cough) choose to believe I am barely 15, my youth does show when I try to picture how public relations was done in an era not all that long ago. Today, we are glued to our computers, sorting obsessively through...

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