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19 Dec 8 Tips for a More Interesting Pitch

Confession: I have a serious PR crush on Michael Smart. It all started when my colleague Jonathan did an in-office training on a few of Michael Smart’s general writing tips, but the full on PR crush developed when I attended a PRSA event where he...

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30 Sep Bendgate: Not Bad News for Everyone

Well here it is, the latest tech drama of 2014: Bendgate. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the commotion associated with Apple’s latest launch. When the iPhone 6 was first released two weeks ago, people lined up for hours – only to discover a few...

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02 May Is This the Worst Ad of All Time?

"Shoot, I kinda liked this thing before that last round of edits." Advertising is a subjective business. Certainly, we’ve seen our fair share of juvenile, misguided, and downright offensive advertisements in 2013. (For example, this genius Berlusconi ad from Ford’s agency in India). That said, my position—and...

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