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13 May Moves App Sells Out Data to Facebook

As an avid FitBit user, I was somewhat interested in Facebook’s recent acquisition of the app “Moves”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Moves is an activity diary that automatically tracks activities like running, biking, etc. and that helps keep people like me accountable...

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30 May Will Yahoo Ruin Tumblr?

It was about two weeks ago now, Yahoo announced a $1.1 billion deal to take control of microblogging meets social networking site Tumblr.  The deal was met with great skepticism from Tumblr users as to whether or not old-school Yahoo would even know where to...

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17 Dec 2012 SpeakerBox Content Recap

Over this past year SpeakerBox has made a real investment in inbound marketing, not just for our clients, but also for ourselves. So, excuse me for a moment while I get a little self-promotional and highlight some of the content we’ve worked on this year. When...

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