Spring Into a Fresh PR Routine

10 Mar Spring Into a Fresh PR Routine

spring-cleaning-list-resized-600.jpgSpring is here!? No, not quite yet – spring technically starts on March 21st this year with the spring vernal equinox.  But we did “spring forward” on Sunday and we are experiencing one of the first warm weeks of the year in the DC-area.   Days are longer, birds are chirping, more people are getting outside and feeling refreshed!

This usually goes hand-in-hand with spring-cleaning, my favorite (my husband is already rolling his eyes)!  While spring-cleaning usually refers to clearing the closets for good-will donations or dusting the cobwebs from the windows that have been shut all winter, we can translate this into our professions, too. Diane Schwartz, senior vice president & group publisher at Access Intelligence, discussed her inspiration to change up her routine after a yoga teacher deviated from a standard class in, “7 Ways to Shake Up Your Routine This Week.”   She then translated the inspiration into other aspects of her life.

In PR, it’s behooves us to be creative and inspirational for our clients.  While we may have tried and true formulas for success, they can inevitably become stale over time. We sometimes get stuck in the wheels of what we know and apply the same-blanketed techniques over and over again. Just as we clean our houses and open the windows to breathe new air into our lives, we need to do the same at work.

Here are five ways to spring-clean your PR routine (inspired by Diane):

  • Clean your desk – Stop with the groaning! It’s been way too long and you’ll want to discard the half-eaten bag of chips piled under those papers.  As luck will have it, you’ll find the business card of a potential client you’ve been meaning to call.  The newly cleaned surface will reinforce some kind of organization, which is better for everyone involved.
  • Visit a competitor’s website – Competitive intelligence is not just for clients.  In PR, we get bogged down with keeping up on the latest in our client’s industries; sometimes we forget to keep up with our peers.  Find something interesting? Share the wealth with co-workers.
  • Learn a new social media platform – If you’re in PR, you are most likely pretty familiar with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. What about learning new tools? Your clients look to you for guidance on social strategy. Regardless of industry, it’s important for you to know what’s out there. More and more companies are starting to use platforms like Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Organize your e-reader – Chances are your Google Alerts, Twitter feed, and e-reader of choice, is clogged with accounts you are no longer managing or have any interest in. It’s time to refresh! Update your alerts, un-follow users that are not relevant, and delete publications that you don’t read.  While you’re at it, you might want to spend a little time finding new inspiration.
  • Meet a reporter for lunch or coffee – You pitch reporters all day long on story ideas, breaking news, editorial calendar opportunities, and sometimes we fail to ask reporters what they want to hear about. Whether it’s a reporter you’ve been working with for a while or a reporter with a new beat, it’s a good way to build a relationship.

So open those windows, dust off the cobwebs, and breathe new life into your PR routine.

Happy (almost) Spring!

Jessica Lindberg
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