SpeakerBox Slim Down Challenge

13 Jan SpeakerBox Slim Down Challenge

2013 was a busy year for SpeakerBoxers.  Between our work lives and personal lives, we accomplished a lot from expanded content and design services, exciting new accounts in our portfolio, and engagements, babies, and home buying!  The past year was an amazing combination of challenges and rewards.

healthy_lifestyle-resized-600.jpgAs we kicked off the new year, we decided to add a new dimension to our hard work and success. Like the mass populous that aims to lose weight and get fit at the start of each year, we too, decided to focus on our health.  Simply declaring it was not enough. We needed motivation and, in true SpeakerBox form, a competition with a winner to incentivize us to glory.  Thus, the “SpeakerBox Slim Down Challenge” was born.

We began our journey January 6 and the official, game portion of the competition will wrap up January 31 – although, our goal is to stay healthy all year round!  Despite our individual goals: clean eating, exercising more, drinking more water, etc., the greatest part of the challenge is working for a company that comes together to support both our professional and personal goals.

We’re making a collective effort to keep the junk food out of the kitchen (which means leftover holiday baked goods did not make it in this year) and colleagues have signed up to bring in healthy lunch foods to share. My white bean turkey chili was a hit by the way;) We’ve even added some sweet exercise equipment to our office, including an under-desk bike, Bosu ball and Yoga Balls.  We’re still discussing other options, so feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions for small pieces of equipment we can use during that day that won’t disrupt our work!

Now, only one week in, we’re already seeing great success! People are feeling better, shedding some pounds and getting stronger!  Best of all, we can translate all of our extra energy into our clients.  So, as we work on ourselves we’re also working to give even more to our clients in 2014.  Stay tuned to hear more about our success!


Kate Nesbitt
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