SpeakerBox Slim Down Challenge Finale: Time’s Up!

31 Jan SpeakerBox Slim Down Challenge Finale: Time’s Up!

It’s the day of truth: Weigh-in day and the final day of SpeakerBox’s January Slim Down Challenge! If you missed the details, you can check out my post from the beginning of January, but the gist of it is that we all made a commitment to get healthier in January, competition-style. Although we realize weight isn’t necessarily the only measurement of bettering our health, it was the most easily measurable.

Throughout the past month, to achieve our health goals, we’ve shared healthy recipes and meals, encouraged each other to be more active during the workday and in the evenings and kept junk food out of our kitchen. Some of us joined Facebook groups with friends and family (I, personally was part of a BeachBody group) for additional support and others were part of 30-day workout challenge groups to give them an edge.


Check out one of our favorite recipes for the month, a healthy, Greek Tomato-Feta Quinoa Salad with rosemary chicken! (photo to the right)

Collectively, our team lost 12.7% of their body weight. That’s pretty impressive considering that during the month we celebrated a birthday, an engagement and a wedding, and one of our team members even spent a few days at the beach!

The overall winner, losing 4.73% of their bodyweight is a little awkward to report, however, since it was me. In good news, though, everyone agreed that the slim down was helpful and they appreciated the support toward reaching their goals. Feedback suggested that most of our team members found value in the healthy meal sharing and having folks hold them accountable for their workouts. Team members also said that the slim down shows just how strong our company culture is, and I’d have to agree. As far as our health, the competition may be over, but we’ve all vowed to keep it going throughout 2014. Hopefully we’ll have more success and awesome, healthy meals to share with you soon!

Kate Nesbitt
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