SpeakerBox Day at Nationals Park

18 Apr SpeakerBox Day at Nationals Park

SpeakerBox celebrations for 2016 have been great so far. In February, we all took a nice weekend getaway to the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA. No one wrote a blog post about it because, well, it was a lot of fun. And, I’m not sure anyone remembered it clearly enough or felt comfortable documenting it. Here’s a picture of my husband and me being adorable, though, while enjoying an evening of beverages with the team.


So, to continue the fun and have one last hoorah before two of our beloved colleagues take off on maternity leave, SBX took us all to Nats park to enjoy the outdoors and some baseball. It was an incredible day for a game – 65 and sunny! Plus, we got different seats than usual… closer to the bar and Shake Shack. But, even better than the great company, yummy ballpark food and frothy beverages, we got to see a great game! The Nats took on the Braves and prevailed 6-2, AND we got to see Bryce Harper, National League MVP, hit his 100th home run—a grand slam, at that, and his first career grand slam ever.

Check out these pics of us enjoying our evening at the ballpark and stay tuned for what’s in the queue for our next SpeakerBox outing!

IMG_1052baseball - everyone  FullSizeRender (4)IMG_3186


Kate Nesbitt
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