SpeakerBox Day 2018: Vineyard Style

24 Sep SpeakerBox Day 2018: Vineyard Style

Last week, our team spent a day at a couple of wineries for our annual #SpeakerBoxDay celebration. We try to take some time for team-bonding a few times a year. In the past, we’ve gone to baseball games, beer gardens, cooking classes, a teammate’s house for games, and more. This year, we organized a trip to two wineries in Leesburg for our outing.


The gang gathered mid-morning to be shuttled to our first destination, Fabbioli Wines. Our fearless leader, Elizabeth Shea, joined the festivities less than a week after a hip surgery! Talk about being a team player! Our first stop included a wine and food pairing that was refreshing and delightful. The tasting included an apple raspberry cider, a petit manseng, a semi-sweet pear wine, a medium-bodied chambourcin, a full-bodied cabernet, a raspberry merlot, and a port.

We then headed to the beautiful Stone Tower, where we ate lunch outside on the patio and spent time chatting about our values and brand purpose. It’s important to our team to come together to discuss our mission and why we do what we do each and every day. We’ve added some new faces to our team recently, so it was a great way to get them involved.
We capped off the day with a tasting from Stone Tower, which included a petit manseng viognier, sauvignon blanc, a chardonnay, a sanglier noble, a merlot, and a merlot/cab franc/cab sauvignon blend.

Thank you to Crissy who planned the event and to Elizabeth who afforded us the opportunity. It was a great day!









Jessica Lindberg
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