Social Media in Small Businesses

25 Feb Social Media in Small Businesses

Social media can have a large impact for small businesses, but only if they make the time to engage. Small business owners, marketers and other employees are often tasked with many things at once so social media engagement sometimes falls off the radar.

While putting social media on the backburner seems to be the norm, it is a trend that really should change even if the company can’t afford a full time social media person. A small amount of engagement in the right spots can go a long way.

The infographic below (from VerticalResponse) shows how small business are really using social media – how much time they are spending on it, who is engaging and what results they are seeing.

From the results it looks like CEOs are taking on a lot of the work themselves spending 1-5 hours per week on social sites – even though they’d like to spend less time on it. Most small businesses are upping their social game as compared to last year and Facebook is still their main platform.

What I find most interesting is that over half are blogging and making it look easy, spending only 1-3 hours per post.

Check it out and see how you compare.

Ali Robinson
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