So Little Time

13 Mar So Little Time

So, True Detective just wrapped up last week and Game of Thrones doesn’t come back until April 6th. Do you think that gives me enough time to watch season one of House of Cards, even with infant twins at home?

The question above makes me sound like a major TV watcher but honestly I follow very few shows. Apart from religiously watching Jeopardy (it’s the only thing I DVR), I follow Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Orange is the New Black, and this past season of True Detective. Surprisingly, that leaves me out of a lot of the office TV conversations and leaves me with a lot of shows I’d like to watch.

But that isn’t concerning at all thanks to time-shifting and mobile devices.

According to Nielsen, Americans watched almost 15 hours of time-shifted television per month in 2013, two more hours a month than the year before. I stole this stat from this very interesting article in the NYT about keeping up in TV’s golden age. (shameless plug: you can read more about time-shifting and mobile TV viewing on our client mPortal’s blog, The Connected Experience.)

This is a totally new thing to me. Not in the sense that I didn’t know about the technology but that I didn’t really use it until recently. Of course I’ve used my DVR to record and watch shows that I’ve missed, but I didn’t hop on the binge-watching bandwagon until my maternity leave. I still don’t binge-watch most things because life doesn’t afford me that kind of time anymore, but I love that I can catch up on things that I’m late to – like I did with True Detective and I plan to do with House of Cards.

However, like David Carr points out in his article, other forms of media – specifically print media – are suffering the consequences of people having better TV options. I’m seeing this in my life as well. I don’t subscribe to the Post anymore which was once a daily staple for me. I still get two magazines that I leaf through occasionally but with blogs and other online media outlets I could probably forgo those as well. Books on the other hand have not fallen off the radar for me. And surprisingly I have a harder time getting through an ebook thank a good old fashioned paper book.

It’s interesting to me that in just a short period of time they way I consume media has changed drastically thanks to implementing a few new technologies into my life. Whether or not it’s changed for the better remains to be seen, but at least I’ll have more to contribute to the TV conversations soon!

Ali Robinson
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