Seven PR News Sites You Should Follow in 2017

21 Dec Seven PR News Sites You Should Follow in 2017

With all of the discussion around fake news over the past few weeks, it’s important to feel confidence in the sites you’re relying on for information. Luckily for us communications professionals, we have a variety of good and reputable news sources that cover our industry.

As we look forward to what our industry has in store for next year, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my go-to sites for news about the PR business. The more, shall we say, “seasoned” of you are probably pretty familiar with some of these; a few have been around a long time. But, there may be some others on this list that you hadn’t considered as good sources for information. For the younger PR practitioners, consider this a good starter list of places you can go to find out more about your chosen profession.

The old guard

O’Dwyers is one of the granddaddies of PR journalism. The publication has been in business for more than 30 years, and features several offshoot publications, including a monthly print magazine and newsletter. The site includes a blog that covers breaking news and thought pieces.

PRWeek is a great resource for PR news across many different industries. The site covers consumer, technology, healthcare, and more. It also includes articles about the media, many of which offer an interesting perspective on how reporters and news organizations are dealing with some of today’s biggest stories.

Ragan’s PR Daily offers some really great insight into how companies are leveraging PR, social media, and advertising to effectively promote their products, services, and programs. It’s also a great place to read and submit contributed articles. This post about terrible PR phrases is particularly close to my heart.

Adweek may primarily be about advertising, but it also offers a lot of good information for PR professionals. Stories run the gamut of topics, from workplace issues to managing client expectations and more. It also features in-depth coverage of social media trends via its SocialTimes page. Like Ragan’s PR Daily, many of Adweek’s stories are submitted by guest writers. This makes Adweek a great place to learn about other people’s perspectives (or, perhaps, offer your own perspective).

The New Hotness

Alltop is not specifically about public relations. Heck, it’s not about anything specific. It is, in the words of Alltop’s editors, “an online magazine rack.” As such, Alltop offers a wide variety of cultivated PR news from a variety of sites, including…

Media Bullseye, which is designed to help PR professionals do their jobs better. This site is not so much about industry news as it is about how-to articles. For example, recent features include stories on becoming a better writer and when and when not to use trending hashtags. Media Bullseye is a great resource for those who want to continually improve their PR skills.

LinkedIn isn’t really a news site, but it’s still a great way to get news and information, especially from your peers. Specifically, LinkedIn Pulse offers a collection of the most popular posts about various topics, including PR and marketing. You can get some really interesting insights from some of the world’s leading communications experts. They might give you some ideas on how to enhance your own PR efforts.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of some of the great PR news resources that are available to you. I haven’t even mentioned the likes of Bulldog Reporter, PRSA, PR News, or even general news sources, such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and others. All of these are very good and dependable places to get information. Be sure to sign up for their newsletters, follow them on Twitter, and visit their sites regularly, so you don’t miss any of the PR news you need to know in 2017.







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