SpeakerBox Goes TO DC Inno’s State of Innovation

06 May SpeakerBox Goes TO DC Inno’s State of Innovation

DC Inno’s State of Innovation event was a great success, jam-packed with business leaders, industry innovators, and influential speakers, including our very own Lisa Throckmorton.

Some of the most noteworthy sessions were:


Things got really interesting during the Sell and Tell panel, as Lisa spoke about the growing importance of building real relationships with reporters, as opposed to sending blanket pitches. Reporters are constantly changing beats these days, she said, so it’s important to do your research.

Next, the moderator asked the panel for their thoughts on drawing in millennials. “[The] media landscape has shifted so much here in [DC],” Lisa said, noting the growing social aspect of media relations and marketing. We need to be hiring millennials to reach millennials, she said, and trusting them to take the lead on our digital efforts.

LT Panel

Later, Alan Gannett from Trackmaven and Leah Nurik had a memorable debate over what’s most important to marketing success. “You can be a mediocre marketer and still have a career through data,” Alan said, insisting that the top-performing brands are all data-driven. Leah disagreed, arguing for the greater importance of a creative mindset, and suggesting that one can’t rely on data alone. The two passionate professionals ultimately agreed that you really need both elements to be successful.









As always, many SpeakerBoxers were in attendance, supporting Lisa and taking part in the many excellent networking opportunities.

Allison Gilmore
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