Replacing Google Reader – NewsBlur

13 Apr Replacing Google Reader – NewsBlur

Since the news of the demise of Google Reader (GR), we at SBX have all been trying out different readers to see what we like best and sharing info internally. Seeing as how many people outside of SBX are being affected by Google’s (in my opinion) poor decision I figured I should share some of my findings here.

I’m currently using Feedly, NewsBlur and Reeder – and trying to force myself not to use GR. I’m also thinking about trying BlogLovin’ too, mostly because the name makes me think of McLovin.

Today, I plan to share my thoughts with you NewsBlur.

When I first went to sign up, NewsBlur said that they were overloaded and only offering its paid option. However I plugged my info in anyway and up came my posts! However, there was one hitch. They only allow you to import 64 feeds using their free version.

I took this as an opportunity to separate the blogs I read for work and the blogs I read for fun. I created a new account using a different email address and manually imported the feeds I wanted to keep up with for work reasons. This took forever but I’ve found it useful so far. It’s a lot less distracting when I log in to do market reading!

WHOA. Blog overload.

I took a minute to try to figure out what I was looking at and realized that all the work I had done organizing my feeds into groups and setting things up the way I wanted had gone out the window. NOT HAPPY. I quickly realized that this was user error and that it did not properly log me in, but made me think it did since it was showing a blog I follow.

Turns out this is what my reader actually looks like:


AHHH. Nice and neat.

As it turns out, I actually like this reader. I didn’t think I’d find something I like since I’d only used GR and would be comparing everything to that.

The display is very basic. Just a list of blogs/folders on the left and blog posts to scroll through on the right. Very similar to GR in that aspect. It gives you the ability to use a few different views of the posts – I prefer the feed view, as it looks the most like GR.

The only thing that seems a bit of a let down are the sharing capabilities. It’s nice to be able to just pop the post in an email to someone you know might be interested but there doesn’t seem to be an easy/logical way to do that from NewsBlur. I know it has sharing options it just makes them hard to use. Also, I’m not loving that the free version only lets you view 10 posts in your feed before making you refresh to get to the rest.

I haven’t quite figured it out all the way yet… So, I might update this post again when I do.

Overall, I’d say if you liked the starkness of GR and didn’t really share posts all that often or worry about starring them or saving them for later then you should check out NewsBlur. Just make sure you don’t have too many feeds.

Ali Robinson
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