Recharged Recruiting

So you want a communications plan that brings
top talent to your door…


Well, customers and recruits are two very different animals—and you can’t catch a duck with a turkey call… or at least not one with good references.


In other words, your first imperative will be to recast your own story—accentuating the unique benefits of your employment package.


Anyone can win on salary, but we’re going to help you win on mission, culture, and opportunity—the kinds of message-driven intangibles that lead to better hires and better retention.


With your recruiting narrative in hand, it’s time to get the word out in a big way. We’ll use a mix of traditional and social channels—conveying your company’s work-life balance with our own balance of professionally and socially minded networks and opportunities.


While you’re busy amassing talent, we’ll be turning your website into a full-fledged hiring engine by crafting videos, podcasts, employee testimonials, and blog content that puts your best employees in the spotlight—attracting like-minded candidates with just the right personalities and skill sets.


And as your needs change, so will our messages and tactics. Evolving strategies for an evolving workforce.

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