Reason #111,034 Why the Onion Employs the Greatest Marketing Minds

13 May Reason #111,034 Why the Onion Employs the Greatest Marketing Minds

The Onion.

Everyone’s favorite completely legitimate source of news – so legitimate, in fact, that China’s People’s Daily Onlinehas cited its hard-hitting reporting and insightful commentary.  But The Onion isn’t just a bastion of journalistic integrity – it’s also home to some brilliant marketers.

I’m not talking about Microsoft’s “The Browser You Love to Hate” push around Internet Explorer, which catapultedOnion Labs into existence, or any of the other crazy-yet-brilliant branding campaigns spearheaded by the organization.  Instead, I’m talking about something very simplistic in scope: A job posting.

But not just any job posting – this is for a Listening Intern, a one-day unpaid position at the company’s Chicago’s bureau whose sole job is to…listen.  The Onion wants potential recruits to use the following procedure for consideration:

  • Watch Onion News Empire on Amazon Video
  • Post a review on the Amazon page for the show
  • Link to your review in your application
  • List three reasons why you deserve to be hired

While a unique way to push for views of a fledgling media property, this would be a failing effort for most brands – but maybe not those with the cache of The Onion.  It’s a little too soon to tell if this is going to be successful or not, but it’s certainly creative and smacks of that certain brand of madness expected of America’s Finest News Source.

So what do you think?  Is this just a lame stunt or an effective way to market?

–John Terrill

John Terrill
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