Real Housewives of… Silicon Valley?

27 Sep Real Housewives of… Silicon Valley?


If you know me, you know that I am a reality TV junkie – and I’m not ashamed. My DVR is filled with Bravo and TLC shows and a good Sunday afternoon “Real Housewives of X” marathon is my cup of tea. So while I was excited to hear about Bravo’s new show “Silicon Valley Start-Ups” – it seems as though I may be one of the few.

The show, which premieres November 5, follows a group of young entrepreneurs attempting to hit it big with their tech ideas. With former Facebook marketing exec, Randi Zuckerburg taking the reigns as executive producer, the show is already receiving heat for the way it perceives Silicon Valley.

Focusing on the countless hours of code writing the typical Silicon Valley success story is based off of is not likely to make good TV, so we can assume the show will glamorize the process.  And knowing Bravo, it will most likely feature some drama along the way (which should not be too difficult to create given that sticking five 20-somethings in a $17M house with a pool is bound to create some drama regardless of what city it takes place in).

So it’s understandable that many are concerned the show will misrepresent the work ethic of the area as a whole and trivialize the hard work that is being done. Bringing an idea to fruition takes more than just luck and a zip code – but is it likely Bravo will feature that?

If you are expecting to see highlights of world-changing technology mixed with the trials and tribulations of getting this technology off the ground, this show is not likely for you. Nonetheless, I will be tuning in for the pure entertainment value and to see if Silicon Valley was right to be as wary of the production as they currently are.

And if you are curious, here is a breakdown of the entrepreneurs we can expect to see featured:

  • Kim Taylor – Digital Director at Ampush Media
  • Ben Way – Founder of Rainmakers
  • Hermione Way – Sister of Ben and founder of Newspepper
  • Dwight Crow – Founder of
  • David Murray – Currently developing a weight loss app
  • Marcus Lovingood – Founder of Futureleap
  • Jay Holanda – Model
Kathryn Kaplan
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