PR Skills as Life Skills

25 Jun PR Skills as Life Skills

Not that long ago I had a discussion with another SpeakerBoxer about how our former lives as waitresses have made us better at our jobs today. I suspect that this sentiment is the same across industries as waiting tables prepares you for the corporate world in a way that college just can’t.

Things like being prepared for the unexpected, anticipating needs, not waiting for others to fix your problems, handling multiple things at once, creatively telling the truth, and being willing to do pretty much anything to get the job done are skills that most former waiters and waitresses bring with them to the corporate world.

Now that I’ve been in PR for going on eight years, those days waiting tables seem pretty far away but these skills do not!

Some of these skills have been honed in new ways through my current endeavors and are now helping me handle my even newer role as a mother.

As this¬†Ragan’s PR Daily article¬†points out, a lot of what we do in PR on a daily basis can prepare you for life as a parent. Sanaz, who just returned from maternity leave, has found five key similarities between managing clients and managing a baby. She highlights anticipating needs, creating contingency plans, paying attention to detail, using creative problem solving, and getting some perspective as talents that PR pros excel at, that have helped her transition to her role as a parent.

So, for my non-parent coworkers that might be a little scared by the “mom conversations” in the office – Don’t fret. You’re more prepared than you think.

Ali Robinson
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