Would You Pay for a New Reader?

06 May Would You Pay for a New Reader?

As a few SBXers have outlined before, we’re none too pleased about the demise of Google Reader (GR). We’ve been searching out alternatives and comparing notes internally, but I think we’d all just rather keep our original readers that were set up the way we liked them.

Well, we are apparently not alone. A survey by Digg conducted in April found that 40 percent of people surveyed would be willing to PAY for a GR replacement. While, it’s lower than the number of folks that wouldn’t be willing to pay, I’m still a little shocked by how large that percentage is. I, for one, would not be willing to pay for a service that doesn’t quite stack up in comparison to a service I used to get for free.

It could be that people think a paid service won’t disappear on them the way GR has, but that is not necessarily the truth. A paid service can certainly go out of business or shutter it’s doors as well. Personally, I’d rather pay to get GR back.

Digg’s survey was conducted to gather information to make their impending reader service and additional features fit the needs of former GR users. But, to me it just shows how much people will miss GR. The survey also found that email sharing still dominates social channels. (I’d agree here and I’d like my reader to push emails to Gmail instead of Outlook.)

And, it shows that no one really cares about the social features within the reader platform. It seems to me that if people are going to share an article they already know where/how they want to share it – the reader doesn’t need to become a social network in itself, we have enough of those. But, Digg has decided to ignore this nugget, noting below the graph that despite the answer they believe that creating a social feeling within their reader is important.

I’m not sure that I’ll be trying out Digg’s reader service when it launches in June (especially if they are going to charge for it), but I will certainly be keeping an eye on it.


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Ali Robinson
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