Oreo Uses 3-D Printing and Social Media to Stand Out at SXSW

12 May Oreo Uses 3-D Printing and Social Media to Stand Out at SXSW

I have not yet been fortunate enough to be at SXSW in-person, but I still find joy in following the event and reading about all of the fun and excitement after the fact.  So, I wanted to go ahead and report back on what I thought was the most amazing story that came out of the event this year.  It combines many of my favorite things: technology, social media, and Oreos.  (Yes, I also wrote about junk food in my last post.)

This year at SXSW, as reported by ClickZ, Oreo offered enthusiasts an “interactive social experience” called the “Trending Vending Lounge”.   Basically, they custom printed Oreos based on what was trending on social media, using the hashtag #eatthetweet. ClickZ’s editor, Malanie White was able to get a first hand account of how the “Trending Vending Lounge” worked and documented it in a video for all of us.

Had I known this was happening, I would have made this the year I attended.  First of all, 3-D printing is awesome and is a technology both my husband and I have become very infatuated with.  But, more so, this is such a nice example of a great marketing campaign.  Here are 3 reasons I love what Oreo did this year at SXSW:

  1. It’s new.  New is always exciting.  They’re using their brand alongside new and coming technology.  Having something cutting edge to talk about is always a great way to promote your brand, whether it’s the cookies themselves, or the 3D technology being used to make them.  People will be interested because it’s something they haven’t seen done before.
  2. It’s interactive.  Oreo didn’t limit their audience to the folks at SXSW (although that’s a big crowd).  They took it to social to increase engagement and interact with their audience.  Additionally, it is also interactive if you ARE at SXSW.  This definitely would have been a stage I wouldn’t have passed up.
  3. It’s personal and customized for each user.  Based on the Tweet selected, each person felt like Oreo was giving them a unique experience.  Not only because this was the first time a printer was able to make a cookie, but also because each cookie was based on the users tweet selection.


Kate Nesbitt
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