Opportunity for Student Entrepreneurs To Compete!

26 Aug Opportunity for Student Entrepreneurs To Compete!

I have been involved the capital chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO|DC) for a little over a year now, and one of the more exciting programs I’ve seen them lead is an awards program recognizing student entrepreneurs: Global Student Entepreneur Award Program (GSEA).

ASK THE INFLUENCER: We asked the EO|DC Board Member for Emerging Programs who is in charge of the DC regional GSEA event this year, Michael Goldstein, to share his perspective on the program. Also founder of SwitchPitch, Micheal is a big believer in entrepreneurs, particularly in the DC region, and believes this is a great year for the DC community since this is the first time DC will host the regional competition as well as hosting the global awards for finalists, attracting young entrepreneurs from all over the world!

The global organization of EO has hosted this program for over ten years, where student entrepreneurs have a chance to compete through local, regional or virtual competitions all over the world to win their shot at going head to head against the best student entrepreneurs at the Global Finals.

This year’s regional competition will be held in Washington, DC at Atlantic Media’s HQ at the Watergate on September 16th, with a deadline for students to submit applications by September 2nd. If you know of a student, or are a student entrepreneur, don’t wait! Pass along this flyer, spread the word. Make sure to get your application in by registering here.

The Global Awards, also held in DC for the first time, will award a US$10,000 cash prize, plus tens of thousands in business products and services donated by EO members, including Web services, printing, PR, consulting and more, to the global winner. Last year’s global winner was Chelsea Sloan, University of Utah student and founder of Uptown Cheapskate, a teen/young adult fashion exchange franchise.

Here’s a little more perspective from Michael Goldstein:

SBX: Can you share an example of an amazing entrepreneur that really caught your eye?

Michael: I’ve been involved with GSEA for three years. I am continually amazed at the quality of students and how much they’ve accomplished as undergrads. To give a comparison – when I was in school at Boston University, I sold cinder blocks to students to raise their beds. I thought the logistics and distribution were fairly sophisticated.

At the most recent GSEA competition, a nuclear physics undergrad developed a smartphone attachment that replaces the Geiger Counter to detect radio active nuclear material – now that’s sophisticated!

Most of the GSEA businesses are closer to cinder blocks than Geiger Counters – an air filter ecommerce business with subscription delivery; edible bug farm with restaurant clients; a breathalyzer attachment for smartphones. The commonality is they are all very talented entrepreneurs combining an education with growing a business.

SBX: The global awards are in DC this year! There is a terrific ecosystem for entrepreneurs here locally, how can people get involved?

Michael: EO|DC members can volunteer to judge the event – a very rewarding experience! Undergrads with revenue-generating businesses should apply to the DC regional competition by Sept. 2 at www.gseadc.org.

SBX: Tell me a little bit about the upcoming regional competition. How many entrepreneurs do you expect to participate?

Michael: We have six slots for entrepreneurs at the competition. Judges come from the entrepreneurial community and provide great feedback and networking opportunities for the participants. Also, the entire EO membership is invited to attend and network with the student entrepreneurs.

SBX: How do students get more information if they want to participate?

Michael: Check out the website www.gseadc.org and register!

–Elizabeth Shea, @eliz2shea

Elizabeth Shea
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