Ode to 2013! Happy SpeakerBox New Year!

31 Dec Ode to 2013! Happy SpeakerBox New Year!

As we look into ’14, I reflect on the year,

I am proud of what we accomplished, with spirit and cheer!


I decided to write an ode, which I’ve often known to do,

To share the highlights as we begin anew.


We hired two new employees who have helped pave the way,

Jess and Sally have helped us grow stronger every day.


Jonathan brought in games for us to let off steam,

On top of being the winner of the Annual OneTeam!


We added three babies to our family, and one on the way,

And held multiple cook-offs, did I say we like to play?


The team played Bannagrams and Jen shared her Kimye,

We drank champagne to one of the worst movies I have to say.


Pete launched SpeakerBoxOberfest which is now here to stay,

Which led into a picnic where we had a great day!


As Jen gets ready to give birth, we miss her already,

She runs her accounts so well and so steady!


Katie drove our Let it Shine program with finesse and grace,

She helped get our team moving to a much better place.


Lisa built our startup practice, launching 8 companies in a year,

She helps clients understand there is nothing to fear!


Ali gave birth to twins, and we missed her so much,

But she’s back! And you know what? She still has her “touch…”


Kathryn, our KK, sparks the light in your eye,

She’s so bright and so strong, she’s ready to fly!


Kate showed us that in BD she’s really a star,

She’s the kind of professional who will go so far…


Laura and Crissy kick a$$ holding down the fort,

Ops, Finance and HR are top notch I do report!


We went up to NASDAQ to ring the closing bell,

I am proud of all the companies that have done so well!


We added new services to our lineup that have helped to shine,

Videos, inbound marketing, all help grow the bottom line.


We were named a top PR firm in this year’s Book of Lists,

I reflect on the year, and I’m full of bliss!


So to my SpeakerBox team, I give my thanks and my love,

You have helped us be a great team, to rise above!


Happy New Year and here’s to 2014!


–Elizabeth Shea

Elizabeth Shea
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