O3b Networks Selects SpeakerBox to Support Satellite Success

28 Oct O3b Networks Selects SpeakerBox to Support Satellite Success

SpeakerBox is excited to announce that O3b Networks has selected our agency to help support its communications efforts and share its success bringing broadband connectivity to remote parts of the world, including Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East – the “Other 3 Billion” (O3b), if you will.

O3b’s satellite technology, using Medium Earth Orbit satellites to deliver high-speed Internet across the world, is pretty cool in itself, but even more so, the impact that technology is having on people, businesses, economies, governments, energy, maritime and more is truly amazing. You can learn more about that technology here, as well as check out some video case studies here.

Since April of this year, SpeakerBox and O3b have realized increased brand awareness and traction with top-tier and vertical press through a full-scope communications program that incorporates everything from speaking and award opportunities to major press announcements, blog posts, and social media. In just a few short months, O3b is already seeing some great traction with both the media and at some of their most important conferences.  Take a look at recent stories in Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek and FierceWireless. O3b was also selected to speak at several industry events including this year’s ITU Telecom World and the upcoming PTC ’16.

We look forward to continuing to work as a part of O3b’s team to bring its innovative and industry-leading satellite technology to the forefront so that everyone around the globe has access to high-speed Internet!

VS10 Decollage en ZLS le 18/12/2014

(*Above Image: Rocket being launched from Kourou, French Guiana into orbit with the 1st 4 satellites of O3b on 25 June 2013)

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