News and Scandal for Social News Site Reddit

11 Jun News and Scandal for Social News Site Reddit

I admit that I do no not use the apparently popular social news and entertainment website, reddit, that allows users to vote and comment on content posted by registered users – pushing popular stories to the top of a news totem pole, and burying less popular items in a sea of millions. (Want to know more – check out my colleague’s post To Reddit or Not To Reddit? from September) That’s why I was surprised to see several articles about the social media platform lately. The latest being a report that the now eight-year-old (really?) social media news site saw more than 71 million unique visitors in the month of May and that the company is anticipating to exceed 5 million page views for month by the end of 2013.

redditAlso, the site is even rolling out new features to help keep their momentum up. Aside from the main page of news stories, registered users, or redditors, as I’ve recently learned, can create subreddits.  These subreddits are basically their own homepages where they can organize the “news” they’ve voted for and commented on and what-have-you.

But, I guess that isn’t enough for said redditors, so the masterminds behind the site are taking it a step farther and have launched, in beta, multireddits. According to an article published on TheNextWeb, “multireddits are a feature that lets you build your own front pages by combining multiple subreddits.”  But here’s the kicker – you have to be a “Gold member” before you can access said beta, so I wasn’t able to try it out.

To top off all of the exciting news I’ve recently heard about reddit, turns out there is some scandal happening on the sight surrounding Microsoft and their new Xbox One announcement on the social media site, as well.  In case you don’t have a husband that loves video games, like I do, and didn’t hear the news, Microsoft announced their new Xbox One system about a month ago at their E3 press event, but only yesterday announced its hefty $499 price tag and potential restrictions on game sharing that still seem to be somewhat unclear, as well as a requirement for the system to be run online only – causing mixed reviews from gamers.

As for the reddit scandal, according to a source quoted by Business Insider, “Representatives of Microsoft may be hanging out on the social news site voting up positive comments about the Xbox One, voting down negative comments and adding pro-Xbox comments of their own.” Which is apparently a big no-no on the news site. But, of course, Microsoft is denying it.

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