New Year, New You! (How to capture the resolution craze early in your 2019 strategy)

03 Jan New Year, New You! (How to capture the resolution craze early in your 2019 strategy)

It’s splashed across nearly every newspaper and magazine and it’s a running theme in most of the commercials we see on TV – diet products, fitness regimens, tools and tricks and purchases to make your life easier, reduce your screen time, eat healthier and ultimately, meet your New Year’s goals!

Maybe the New Year’s resolution trend is something that benefits you or your company’s brand – if it is, [warning] this blog might offer a contradictory point of view.

Let’s take a collective breath – and exhale.

The Atlantic recently labeled the New Year’s resolution craze as “the commodification of inadequacy” and noted that only eight percent of people reach their goal.

The new year is an awesome opportunity to make goals and refocus on the things you (or your company) need to do to succeed. That’s great – as long as there is a realization that growth is a continual process and that you never need the new year to dictate when to reevaluate your priorities, goals or strategies. Every day is an opportunity to ensure that actions and words are in alignment.

This blog, however, is going to focus on a quiet marketing movement that has been building for some time – and ‘New Year, New Me’ draws it even more into focus.

The movement, supported by authors like Megan Jayne Crabbe, brands like NuNude, and charities like the All Womxn Project, centers around the idea that we don’t need to shame ourselves for the progress (or lack thereof) we made in the last 365 days. It uplifts the notion that we’re continual works in progress and capable of incredible growth any time of year. It ties into the concepts of self-acceptance and love, inclusion, body positivity and empathy. I think (and really hope) this is a trend that will continue to emerge in 2019.

So how can you adopt some of those themes for your own PR/marketing strategy this year? Here are three of the tenants and how you can integrate them (and if you’re someone/work for someone who really values New Year resolutions, feel free to work these in):

  • Inclusion: Brands that feature more diverse faces, skin tones, abilities and body types are some of the fastest growing in the market. This might be easier for B2C companies to integrate into their marketing strategy than B2B. If your company sells a solution or service to another business,be aware of to present this idea to your prospective clients. Who is in your leadership team? How can you welcome diversity of thought and background, and create a space for those people to have an impact in your company? Oftentimes organizations do not give enough credit to their online presence – which for many companies, includes a forward-facing leadership or client team. Be mindful of hires and take care not to discount a candidate because they might not be exactly what you had in mind.


  • Humanity: Your clients are human and your marketing and PR strategy should reach them where they are. This might mean you need to dismantle some of the notions you have about what (and how much) your clients care about, where they go for their news and who they look to as influencers. Dig into any and all data you have. Comb through some of the many reports that will emerge in the coming weeks. Cut the fluff in your messaging and integrate authenticity into your strategy.


  • Empathy: Tying into the previous two points, consumers and clients alike expect empathy in your messaging, business dealings, communication, etc. Empathy is what helps you (and your brand as a whole) recognize the humanity of your consumers or prospects, communicate in a way that resonates, and offer authentic apologies. Empathy often requires reading, researching and listening to differing perspectives. This can look as specific or general as what fits for you and your organization – it’s also a step that you as the marketing or PR professional can do and have subconsciously impact your work.


Internal to your company, the new year is an incredible time to reflect on the growth and progress your organization made in the last year. Taking a moment to revel in your success will boost your employees, and will likely have an impact on the messaging you use externally as well.

Here’s to a new year of continued growth, #NoRegrets and more inclusive messaging.


Emily Burdeshaw
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