Millennials Don’t Trust That Their News is Accurate

14 Jun Millennials Don’t Trust That Their News is Accurate

Yesterday, while looking for inspiration for a riveting and exceptional blog post, I came across the infographic below. Everyone loves a good infographic so I thought I’d share this one with you.

This infographic, which is the result of a study of 500 millennials aged 14-30 by Youth Pulse, was conducted to find out how they get their news and whether they trust it.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 68 percent of millennials get their news from social media;
  • 66 percent aren’t confident the news they receive is accurate;
  • 69 percent would rather be informed by reporters who are older than they are; and
  • 67 percent would rather be the last to know, but know the information is accurate.

Nothing here really shocks me, but it does bring out my judgmental and opinionated side. First, two-thirds of millennials surveyed aren’t confident the news they receive is accurate, and the majority of them are receiving their news from social media. Um, does this just scream “duh” to anyone else?

Social media is absolutely great for breaking news, but I don’t feel confident in that as an accurate source of news either. I mean honestly, how many times has Twitter killed Morgan Freeman? I don’t think it’s unusual for people to see news “break” on Twitter and then head over to a legitimate news website (there are still a few left, right?) and wait to see the news appear there in order to fully believe its accuracy.

Of course, thanks to CNN’s botching of the Boston Marathon bombing situation, it’s getting even harder to trust news websites and TV stations. Sigh.

What I do find interesting about the results of this study is that millenials would rather be informed by reporters who are older than they are. Ok, I get that. Something about getting my news from Tom Brokaw, as opposed to say Luke Russert, does seem more credible. But, I’m surprised that a generation that sees their own leading large companies like Facebook, Groupon, WordPress, Mashable, Tumblr and Foursquare, just to name a few, would then turn around and say that they don’t actually trust these people to be the ones to read them the news.

Anyway, the whole infographic is below. Take a look and tell me what stands out to you about millennials and their thoughts on the news.



Jennifer Edgerly
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