Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2016 – Using Google Analytics the Right Way

22 Apr Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2016 – Using Google Analytics the Right Way

My second session for the day is Are Your Reports Wrong? How to Use Google Analytics the Right Way and was a presentation from Louis Belpaire, Director of Analytics, Silverback Strategies.


The marketing environment is incredibly complex and very different than it was even just two years ago but one thing seems to be consistent – the reliance on reports to make informed decisions. According to Louis there are three key things to focus on.

  1. Thorough segmentation – You need to make sure that the insight you see is actually a trend. Marketers have a tendency to jump to conclusions a little to quickly.
  2. Track user outcomes on your site – Knowing how your users are coming to your site and where from is important. For example, mobile is hot but you need use reports to measure mobile the right way.
  3. Give credit where it’s due – Don’t neglect to understand who helped create the environment for success. While it’s easy to look at the top producing marketing channel you have to also look at how others have assisted in that success. It takes several interactions to gain a customer.

Louis’s session was pretty short but highly valuable for those who were able to attend. Interested in learning more? Reach out to Silverback Strategies and see how they can help.

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Jennifer Edgerly
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