Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2016 – Marriott’s Content Marketing Strategy

22 Apr Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2016 – Marriott’s Content Marketing Strategy

My last session of the day was the afternoon keynote presentation by David Beebe, VP of creative content and marketing at Marriott. His session focused on how consumer behavior and interaction with brands is changing and how marketers can not only roll with the changes but take advantage of them.
David talked a lot about what they are doing in the way of content marking at Marriott, but below are the take-aways that are applicable across the board:
  • He said we are all a part of Generation C –– content creators. And every person is a media company at a smaller level.
  • Brands are no longer in control of the conversation. Today, consumers have complete control over their interaction with brands.
  • Media behavior is changing, 86 percent of people are skipping television ads, so why are so many people still investing in it (other than events like the Super Bowl). Rather than interrupting what consumers want to watch, become what they’re interested in. This can be done through content marketing.
  • Content must provide value to the consumer first, before thinking about brand message.
  • Create a value exchange with your target audience. Provide value to your target audience first and they should provide it back to you.
  • David outlined a repeatable content pyramid:
    • Hero content (at the top) – expensive/big ideas, only happens a couple times a year.
    • Hub content (in the middle) – consistent articles/blog posts.
    • Hygene content (at the base) – everyday outreach that doesn’t have a long tail
  • All brands have owned channels, content creation and distribution is about deciding how to use and engage on those best.


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Ali Robinson
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