Meet the Newest Members of the SpeakerBox Team

29 Oct Meet the Newest Members of the SpeakerBox Team

We’ve added a few new faces to the SpeakerBox family so we wanted to take some time and get to know our fabulous coworkers through a short Q&A. Please meet Tatiana Peralta, Emily Burdeshaw, and Ben Stanton.

Kicking things off with Tatiana —

What is your favorite PR activity (writing/social media/ media relations/other) and why?

Coming into my first job I would have said my favorite PR activity was social media. However, I’m really enjoying media relations. It’s rewarding to connect the dots between client angles and which reporters are the right fit at each publication. There is a feeling of accomplishment when they recognize you and want to collaborate on an article.  A highlight for me has been figuring out the perfect client angle for the journalists I’m reaching out to — and them responding favorably. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a “yes” to a pitch that you’ve spent time crafting for them.

What led you to SpeakerBox?

During my college internship, my manager began working at SpeakerBox. I was learning a lot from Casey and even after she moved on, she continued to serve as a mentor and support for me as I finished college. Because of her, SpeakerBox was on my radar as I began job searching and the company seemed to be a great place to work. Casey helped guide me through the application and interview process. (Shout out to now having a great friend, coworker and role model!)

What has been your favorite client activity to date?

Pitching! I’m still really new to it but I love the challenge of coming up with interesting angles to rise above the noise and engage reporters. There’s also a lot of learning and team collaboration that is involved with every pitch. It’s helpful, especially as the new member of team to get different perspectives on clients and topics. Writing is a skill that we all need to keep sharp, so it’s great practice to be creative as you work on different types of pitches.

What’s your advice for someone wanting to get into agency PR/What do you wish you knew beforehand?

My best advice is to take classes in college on uncomfortable subjects. Tech PR is hard (but it can also be really fun) and I wish I had taken some classes that helped me better understand the technology. As far as working at an agency, take opportunities through internships at agencies so you can see what its really like. I was thankful for my past experiences because it taught me that agency life fast-paced with a lot of deadlines, which is something that may not be for everyone. But it was for me!

Tatiana went to George Mason University where she majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. During her time in college, she tested the water in both event management and public relations and ultimately decided on public relations.

“I think the reason I chose PR is that I love being busy and learning new things and in when you’re working in PR, every day is different!”

A fun fact about Tatiana is that she loves to puzzle and is in 3 different groups on Facebook for people who love puzzles. She also really enjoys reading!

Next up, Emily —

What is your favorite PR activity (writing/social media/ media relations/other) and why?

My favorite PR activity varies (because balance is important and I like to switch things up) but writing is probably my preference right now. I love chatting with an SME (subject matter expert) and translating those technical concepts into something that resonates with their target audience.

What led you to SpeakerBox?

Elizabeth, our CEO,  is a mentor of mine! Through her, I got to know SpeakerBox. I was (and still am) impressed with the clients we represent and the team culture she built. I was in the midst of my own consulting work and most enjoyed collaborating on clients with the SpeakerBox team. When a position opened up, I jumped.

What has been your favorite client activity to date?

Writing blogs – for either clients or SpeakerBox.

What’s your advice for someone wanting to get into agency PR?

Being in an agency is so different from in-house. Be prepared for a nonstop stream of diverse work and ample opportunities to jump into projects (or accounts) that make you excited. It’s great for someone who gets bored quickly and enjoys working on a variety of clients and projects every day (me!).

Emily went to St. Mary’s College of Maryland and majored in English with a minor in Art. She worked for Navy Public Affairs in Patuxent River for a few years before venturing into D.C. to work in the private sector. While in the metro area, Emily spent a few years in-house at technology startups and joined SpeakerBox as a consultant before transitioning into a full-time position.

“I love to travel and think the best way to explore a new place is to log as many miles as possible on foot — whether walking or running!”

Oh, hey Ben —

What is your favorite PR activity (writing/social media/ media relations/other) and why?

My favorite PR activity is writing. Although I love all aspects of PR and love to communicate and collaborate on a regular basis to ensure our accounts are running smoothly, being able to step away and buckle down to write a release, pitch or client message is truly satisfying.

What led you to SpeakerBox?

I was led to SpeakerBox because of the work ethic and personality of the company. Everyone here strives to do the best they can while holding a constant sense of humor around the office. Within my second week, SpeakerBox even developed an internal company manifesto, “No Regrets,” to convey our commitment to bring our A game at all times in everything we do whether for our clients or for our teammates or for ourselves. I choose to surround myself with driven and successful individuals — I believe you absorb the lifestyle of those you surround yourself with.

What has been your favorite client activity to date?

My favorite client activity has been to write press releases and pitches where I am able to put a creative spin on my work.

What’s your advice for someone wanting to get into agency PR?

My best advice is to be proactive in obtaining internships from the beginning of college. They give you valuable insights on what the industry does and things you will be doing in the future. You can get an idea of what you like and dislike during those experiences.

Ben went to George Mason University where he majored in communications with a concentration in public relations.

“In my spare time, I like to explore new places for the scenery, food, and drinks.”


And a giant welcome to the team, ladies and gentleman!

Jessica Lindberg
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